Important things that coffee appraiser Miwa Kobayashi wants to convey – 珈琲豆専門店 和珈屋

Specialty coffee bean specialty store Wakoya

Important things that coffee appraiser Miwa Kobayashi wants to convey to customers...

"Assess quality"

Japan is a treasure trove of delicious ingredients. . . Every time I go abroad, I feel this strongly and come back. In Fukui, where I was born and raised, the rice, water, vegetables, fish, and air are all fresh and taste very clean.

I was a child who loved to enjoy the "taste of ingredients" without adding anything to rice or vegetables . Enjoy freshly cooked rice with just rice. The happiness of being filled with the flavor of rice from the inside of your mouth to the depths of your nose. Tofu and vegetables don't need seasoning. The taste is different one by one when you eat and compare several kinds. A child who loves to compare the taste of such ingredients has grown up, and now I am running a specialty coffee bean specialty store .

Among other things in the world , the Japanese prefer high-quality products, have a delicate sense of taste , and are a race that is full of the [manufacturing spirit] of "creating good products." We aim to improve not only civil engineering, construction , and industrial products, but also rice, vegetables, and fruit . I'm good at it . I think it's a race that has world-class technology and sincerity. [Good quality and delicious]. . . In the world of coffee, that is specialty coffee [coffee specialized in taste and quality] . Many of the excellent producers of specialty coffee I have met around the world are also sincere . One of the elements necessary to produce good quality products is "sincerity" It may be.

I have been a coffee drinker since I was 4 or 5 years old , and when I was in the first grade of elementary school, it was my daily routine to make drip coffee for my family every morning . (Although my parents' house is not a coffee shop) I always had coffee in my daily life . One day I suddenly met a specialty coffee that was clearly different from the coffee I usually drank. It tasted clean, like locally grown rice and vegetables. I knew right away that it was of good quality . I want to distribute such "delicious and beautiful coffee" in Fukui . We want to deliver specialty coffee to everyone in Fukui, not as a special coffee, but as a daily coffee .

That was the beginning of Wakoya .

If you eat good quality food on a regular basis, you can easily tell if the food is of poor quality . However, if you continue to eat poor quality food, you will not be able to distinguish between good and bad . Today, the world is overflowing with many things. Quality alone cannot be determined by price alone . I think it's best to be a smart consumer who can see it.

We have received many comments saying, "Since I started drinking Wakoya's coffee, I can no longer drink the coffee I used to drink normally." It 's not that my tongue has become discerning, but rather that my tongue has become smarter so that I can distinguish between good things and bad things . I think so.

We at Wako-ya want to be a coffee bean specialty store that will be loved by everyone for a long time , and we want to be sincere , providing good quality products at reasonable prices as much as possible .


Wakaya Co., Ltd. President Miwa Kobayashi