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About Wakoya

Coffee beans are a crop.
Just like rice, it must be of good quality and fresh.
It will be delicious conditions.
Poor quality old rice cooked in the finest rice cooker,
Good quality fresh rice cooked in a normal pot
Which one will be delicious?
Coffee is not good or bad for machines
If the beans themselves are not of good quality and fresh,
It doesn't taste good.

"From seed to cup"
in all of

Thorough quality control and temperature control
Delicious coffee is indispensable.

Wakoya's coffee beans are checked by Wakoya's coffee appraisers who can correctly check the quality.
Our coffee specialists strictly check both taste and quality, and offer only high-quality coffee.

■ Grades of coffee beans handled and sold

Wakoya strives to produce and sell excellent coffee
coffee plantations around the world,
Between consumers who want it
Continuing to build a “delicious bridge”
I promise.

" Three declarations of Wakoya "

1. Purchasing of "good quality raw beans"

Coffee beans are a crop. Depending on the environment and soil in which it is produced, there is a big difference in quality. Quality is not determined by price alone. Our coffee appraisers carefully check the quality of raw beans and purchase only good ones.

2. Quality and freshness control of roasted beans

No matter how good the quality of green beans is, they are meaningless if they are not roasted properly. Our roaster is a talented person who remains in the finals of the Japan Coffee Roasting Championship, where roasters from all over the country challenge to participate in the world competition. He is one of the few roasters who can determine the proper roasting point of beans with the top-level technology in the country. As for freshness management, we would like to provide our customers with beans that are always in a fresh state by thoroughly controlling the temperature.

3. Suggestions for making delicious coffee at home

Coffee is like cooking. Even with good ingredients, the taste will change greatly depending on how you brew it at home. Our coffee specialists will explain how to use the equipment and how to brew coffee in an easy-to-understand manner, and we will also suggest how to choose beans according to your taste. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or don't know about the equipment or the beans.

[Wakoya's roasters and baristas won second place in the Specialty Coffee Competition National Tournament "3 Divisions"! ! ]

2015 JCRC runner-up
(Japan Coffee Roasting Championship)

2016 JCTC runner-up
(Japan Cup Tasters Championship)

2016 JBr C Runner-up
(Japan Brewers Cup)

Nowadays, it is impossible to talk about "delicious coffee" without mentioning specialty coffee.

From seed to cup. These are the words at the heart of the mindset that runs through specialty coffee. From the seed stage, to the seedling, the fruit being harvested, and the cup of coffee being made into a cup of coffee, proper management is essential for good coffee.

There are various professions in the process from seed to cup, and each requires skill and knowledge. (Quality control, raw bean appraisal, roasting, extraction, etc.) Among them, competitions held annually for the purpose of improving technology in each department are also attracting hot attention from inside and outside the industry.

The winner of the competition is sent to the world competition as a representative of Japan, and this time competes with representative players from all over the world. Recently, Japanese world champions have also been produced. The level of competition in Japan is so high that even passing the qualifying round is a narrow gate. Even in Japan, there are podiums in one or two categories, but podiums (within the top three) in three categories with different specializations are a rare achievement.

Wakoya was founded in 2009 as a specialty coffee bean specialty store in Fukui, and has been single-mindedly facing coffee to improve technology and knowledge.

We believe that each and every thing we have done with the idea of ​​doing everything we can for "delicious coffee" has become our knowledge, technology, and results in the competition. .

Green bean appraisal and cupping (taste judgment) technology necessary for purchasing green beans. → JCTC

Roasting technology to determine the appropriate roasting point of the raw beans purchased. → JCRC

Looking at the roasted beans, the water quality, temperature, the type of grinder, the mesh (grind), the extraction equipment, everything is familiar, and the extraction technique in general, which is used and how to extract it, what kind of taste it will be. → JBrC

Wakoya is one of the very few in Japan that offers "from seed to cup "


It is a coffee bean specialty store with comprehensive technology and knowledge .

By working hard with strong players from all over the country, we will update new skills and knowledge every day, reconfirm new challenges for the next time, and challenge a new stage as a united “Team Wakoya”. To go.

Wakoya Coffee Appraiser

Chief Quality Control Manager Roaster Shinya Kobayashi

SCAA/CQI Certified Q Grader (Coffee Appraiser)
JCQA Certified Raw Bean Appraisal Master
SCAJ Certified Coffee Meister

  • 2011 Roast Masters Championship General Jury Chubu Team Winner
  • From 2012 JHDC (Japan Hand Drip Championship) sponsored by SCAJ Certified Judge
  • From 2017 JBrC (Japan Brewers Cup) certification judge sponsored by SCAJ
  • 2012 SCAJ-sponsored JCRC (Japan Coffee Roasting Championship National Convention) 7th place
  • 2015 JCRC (Japan Coffee Roasting Championship National Convention) sponsored by SCAJ 2nd place
  • 2015 SCAJ-sponsored JCTC (Japan Cup Tasters Championship National Tournament) 5th place
  • 2015 WCTC (Wataru Cup Tasters Championship) Runner-up
  • 2016 JCTC (Japan Cup Tasters Championship National Tournament) sponsored by SCAJ 2nd place
  • 2017 JCTC (Japan Cup Tasters Championship National Tournament) sponsored by SCAJ Advance to the semi-finals
  • 2019 JCTC (Japan Cup Tasters Championship National Tournament) hosted by SCAJ Semi-finalist
  • 2021 JCTC (Japan Cup Tasters Championship National Tournament) sponsored by SCAJ Advance to the semi-finals

Representative Director and President Miwa Kobayashi

SCAA/CQI Certified Q Grader (Coffee Appraiser)
JCQA Certified Raw Bean Appraisal Master
SCAJ Certified Advanced Coffee Meister

  • 2012 JHDC (Japan Hand Drip Championship) sponsored by SCAJ Certified Judge
  • 2014 SCAJ-sponsored JBC (Japan Barista Championship) Certified Judge
  • 2014 SCAJ-sponsored JSC (Japan Siphonist Championship) Certified Judge
  • 2014 WSC (World Siphonist Championship) sponsored by SCAJ Certified Judge
  • 2018 SCAJ Sponsored (Japan Coffee Roasting Championship) Certified Judge
  • 2019 SCAJ Sponsored (Japan Coffee Roasting Championship) Certified Judge
  • 2022 SCAJ Sponsored (Japan Coffee Roasting Championship) Certified Judge
  • 2022 JBrC (Japan Brewers Cup) sponsored by SCAJ Certified Judge

Words from customers

  • The coffee here has a mild taste . (Female in her 60s)

  • Wakaya's coffee is fragrant . I was burned in the car on the way home, and if I left it for even just a little bit, the whole house smelled of coffee. I thought it was really fresh . (Female in her 30s)

  • I've been to many places, but I've decided to go here . (Woman in her 20s)

  • I used to buy beans from other coffee shops, but since I had Wakoya's coffee, I can't feel the richness of beans from other coffee shops. (Female in her 40s)

  • It was really delicious . (Male in his 50s)

  • There are quite a few bean specialty stores like this outside the prefecture, but I looked for them in Fukui, but there are none. It was nice to have a Japanese coffee shop . (Male in his 40s)

  • I can't believe this grade of beans is so cheap. Other stores charge twice as much. Wakoya is the best . (Woman in her 20s)

  • I can't stop drinking coffee here. (Male in his 30s)

  • I used to drink coffee all the time. After drinking Wakoya's coffee, I couldn't drink any other coffee . (Female in her 30s)

  • It might be cheaper than buying it at the supermarket... (Female in her 40s)

  • When you enter the shop, you will be healed by the wonderful scent of coffee. It's nice to be able to sample a lot of things. (Woman in her 20s)

  • The products, prices, and staff are all conscientious and warm . (Female in her 30s)

  • good luck. I support Wakoya. (Female in her 70s)

  • I haven't had such a delicious iced coffee in a long time. (Female in her 60s)

  • I like this store. (Male in his 40s)

  • Even I, who is not good at coffee , thought it was delicious for the first time . (Female in her 30s)

  • I used to go by car and was worried about it. I thought I'd give it a try today, and I'm glad I came because the staff were friendly and the coffee was delicious . I will go there from now on. (Female in her 50s)

  • I can't go shopping because I have bad legs, but I am grateful for the gentle words of the store clerk who said , "I will deliver it." thank you. (Female in her 70s)

  • What was the coffee I was drinking until now? (Female in her 40s)

  • I was worried about caffeine when I was breastfeeding, so I put up with coffee . I will buy the caffeineless again. (Woman in her 20s)

  • I couldn't find it no matter where I went, but I was able to find what I was looking for, just as the store clerk said , "I'll do my best to find it!" Thank you. Wakoya is a good shop. (Female in her 60s)

  • To be honest, I was surprised that such a careful hand work was done in a place where I couldn't see it. Clearly different from other coffee shops. (Male in his 20s)

  • Wakoya's commitment to quality is amazing! ! However, I don't ask the customer to do that, and I'm glad that the natural customer service, "Please drink as you like," is not intrusive. (Male in his 30s)

  • The other day, I received coffee beans here from a friend. It was very delicious, so I wanted to go to the store even though it was a little far away. It was a wonderful shop with a kind clerk that I imagined from the taste of coffee. (Woman in her 20s)

  • I usually drink it with milk and sugar, but I was surprised to be able to drink it black for the first time . (Woman in her 20s)

  • All very drinkable. Is it because it's good quality or because it's fresh ? In any case, it's a little different from other coffee shops. (Male in his 20s)

  • The coffee tasting here is really good . (Female in her 50s)

  • I'm drinking coffee from Wakoya and studying for my exams. I ran out of beans before, so I couldn't make it, so I was patient and drinking other coffee. I won't be able to come for a while because my studies are hard, so I'll buy a little more today than usual and do my best again. (Male in his teens)

  • The whole store is wrapped in a nice scent , so it makes me feel happy. (Female in her 30s)

  • He kindly explains various things, so it is very helpful for me who is a coffee beginner. (Female in her 40s)

  • My father, who has a dry taste and rarely praises it , said, “ The coffee here is different . The whole family was surprised by his father's words. (Female in her 30s)

  • It's the first time I've ever had a coffee that I can drink as it is . It's sweet enough that you don't have to add sugar. (Male in his 30s)

  • A store has opened nearby , which helps . I will be buying from time to time. (Female in her 30s)

  • You've removed the bad beans, and you've got clean beans . Good luck (Male in his 40s)

  • The aroma and taste are completely different from commercial coffee. I no longer drink store-bought coffee. (Woman in her 20s)

    Company Profile

    ■ Company name Wakoya Co., Ltd.

    ■ Store name Coffee beans specialty store Wakoya

    ■ Location Fukui 2-1914, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture 918-8027

    ■ TEL 0776-63-5019

    ■ Regular holiday Tuesday

    ■ Business Activities Roasting and sales of coffee beans (wholesale, retail) Sales of coffee equipment, materials, and related products