Award – 珈琲豆専門店 和珈屋

Specialty coffee bean specialty store Wakoya


[Wakoya's roasters and baristas won second place in the Specialty Coffee Competition National Tournament "3 Divisions"! ! ]

2015 JCRC runner-up (Japan Coffee Roasting Championship)

2016 JCTC runner-up (Japan Cup Tasters Championship)

2016 JBr C runner-up (Japan Brewers Cup)

Nowadays, it is impossible to talk about "delicious coffee" without mentioning specialty coffee.

From seed to cup. These are the words at the heart of the mindset that runs through specialty coffee. From the seed stage, to the seedling, the fruit being harvested, and the cup of coffee being made into a cup of coffee, proper management is essential for good coffee.

There are various professions in the process from seed to cup, and each requires skill and knowledge. (Quality control, raw bean appraisal, roasting, extraction, etc.) Among them, competitions held annually for the purpose of improving technology in each department are also attracting hot attention from inside and outside the industry.

The winner of the competition is sent to the world competition as a representative of Japan, and this time competes with representative players from all over the world. Recently, Japanese world champions have also been produced. The level of competition in Japan is so high that even passing the qualifying round is a narrow gate. Even in Japan, there are podiums in one or two categories, but podiums (within the top three) in three categories with different specializations are a rare achievement.

Wakoya was founded in 2009 as a specialty coffee bean specialty store in Fukui, and has been single-mindedly facing coffee to improve technology and knowledge.

We believe that each and every thing we have done with the idea of ​​doing everything we can for "delicious coffee" has become our knowledge, technology, and results in the competition. .

Green bean appraisal and cupping (taste judgment) technology necessary for purchasing green beans. → JCTC

Roasting technology to determine the appropriate roasting point of the raw beans purchased. → JCRC

Looking at the roasted beans, the water quality, temperature, the type of grinder, the mesh (grind), the extraction equipment, everything is familiar, and the extraction technique in general, which is used and how to extract it, what kind of taste it will be. → JBrC

Wakoya is one of the few in Japan that embodies " from seed to cup ".

It is a coffee bean specialty store with comprehensive technology and knowledge .

By working hard with strong players from all over the country, we will update new skills and knowledge every day, reconfirm new challenges for the next time, and challenge a new stage as a united “Team Wakoya”. To go.