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≪New Summer Standard≫ Cold Brew Iced Coffee


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I don't like iced coffee because it's bitter and strong.
Wakoya's cold brew iced coffee overturns such common sense.
It is very mild texture, and the original sweetness of the coffee beans stands out.
What's more, it's convenient and doesn't require any equipment. You can easily make it at home.
Approximately 5 cups per pack (750cc-900cc).
For around 40 yen per cup, you can make cold brew coffee at a specialty store at home.
A gift bag is also purchased at the same time, making it perfect for a small gift!
1 bag (12 packs) for value is very popular.

Soak 1 bag in 600-800ml of water at ROOM TEMPRETURE. (around 24 hours)
If you are in a hurry, mix 1 part water and 1 part hot water and soak at 50°C.

How to make

  • If you are in a hurry, use hot water at around 50°C instead of room temperature and it will be ready in 10-12 hours.
  • If you soak it in cold water (about 20°C or less), the taste will not come out.
  • Please take out the pack when the taste comes out enough. (If you add more than necessary, it will cause an unpleasant taste.)
  • You can adjust to your desired concentration with ice or water if you make it little thicker.